Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer of the Slacker

So I've realized that I haven't posted in a while, which only means...

I've a lot to catch up with!


Usually, I give people the option of hearing either the long version or the short version.

If they answer the short version, I give them a shorter version of my story.

If they answer the long version, I give them a shorter version of my short version of my story.

While the title of this post reads, "Summer of the Slacker", it hardly fits my summer but rather my blogging habits. I started the summer off with a pile of books that I was, still am, determined to read. A few of those books were:

---"The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien

--- The Twilight Saga

--- Pretty Little Liars Series

--- "Parties and Potions" by Sarah Mlynowski

--- "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks

and many, many more.


I have read "Parties and Potions" by Sarah Mlynowski, which is the fourth installment in the Magic in Manhattan series. I had no idea the book even existed until I was stalking, yes I am a professional stalker, the book series and the author to see if there were any other books that looked relatively good. Turns out, there is another book in the series that I didn't know about! Of course, I ordered it online right away and I was frantically searching my mailbox and constantly calling the grain elevator (where we receive big packages) if they had gotten a book in for me! To my frantic dismay, it took a little over a week for my book to come in. However, I did buy a used hardcover edition and I was quite impressed that with the book cost and shipping combined, it was less than the store price.

Anyways, back to my point... I liked the book! It had been a few months since I had read the previous book but it picked up right where it had left off!

- Teenage witch Rachel has finally been introduced into the world of witches and warlocks after her witch mother has kept it secret for so long. She battles with the idea of mixing her witch world with her "non-magical" world. She meets Adam, who just so happens to be a warlock (a guy witch) at her samasorta (a witch's sweet sixteen) lessons. However, she is head over heels for her norlock (a muggle or non-magical folk) boyfriend Raf and she can't decide on whether or not she should tell him her secret... The end is predictable but still magical. :)

With love from the farm,
Abigail Grace (:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reading, Rain boots, and Dirt Roads...

What is it about rain that makes you want to throw on your comfiest (oftentimes your most hideous) pair of sweats, bury yourself in a pile of soft, warm blankets on the couch and watch your favorite romance movie?

What is it about rain that makes you want to grab your iPod, throw on some old tennis shoes, basketball shorts and a t-shirt and go run down the dirt road and through the fields?

What is it about rain that makes you want to go dance in the falling rain, messing up your hair and makeup?

What is it about rain that makes you want to turn off the lights and fall asleep to soft music playing?

What is it about rain that makes you want to curl up on the trampoline and read a book you've been dying to read?

With love from the farm,
Abigail Grace

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Half Price Bookstore

I finally made it back to the farm after being in Gunter for six days!


My friends and I decided to go shopping while we were visiting. My favorite part of the shopping trip (besides getting a new pair of shorts!!) was that one of my friends and I went to a special bookstore: "Half Price Bookstore". I was rather astonished to know that the store specialized in books that were half of the cover price. I was rather excited that I purchased three books for the price of one! :)

-- "The Christopher Killer" by Alane Ferguson

-- "Flirting with Boys" by Hailey Abbott

-- "Thwonk" by Joan Bauer

I'll post after I finish one book from my tall, rickety stack.

With love from the farm,
Abigail Grace (:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My first summer road trip

I find myself currently in the summer before my first year of college and I have NEVER taken a road trip that didn't consist of my parents or other parental supervision. I will give the juicy and interesting details of my very first summer road trip when I return home to the farm and my books...