Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Half Price Bookstore

I finally made it back to the farm after being in Gunter for six days!


My friends and I decided to go shopping while we were visiting. My favorite part of the shopping trip (besides getting a new pair of shorts!!) was that one of my friends and I went to a special bookstore: "Half Price Bookstore". I was rather astonished to know that the store specialized in books that were half of the cover price. I was rather excited that I purchased three books for the price of one! :)

-- "The Christopher Killer" by Alane Ferguson

-- "Flirting with Boys" by Hailey Abbott

-- "Thwonk" by Joan Bauer

I'll post after I finish one book from my tall, rickety stack.

With love from the farm,
Abigail Grace (:

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